Different game genre have came out on Facebook. Different cheats you can use for every game And almost all of them have clicked or succeeded. But here’s a new different twist in Facebook game genre that will surely be a hit. Try to race horses for horse racing. Here are some tips about this game. If this guide is not suitable for you, you better check Hooves of Fire cheats.

These game revolves in horse racing. You will be given a starting money that you will be using to purchase and train your first horse that you will be using to for the race. Your goal is to win the race with that horse and earn rewards. Take note that your horses die because of natural causes so you must have plenty of horses that are trained racing. To do that you must increase the capacity of your stable and save more money for your horses.

You can access in the racing easily, there are always plenty of matches available. You can either race your own horses on a large number of tracks, or bet races with standard racing option. And you can watch the race while it happens.

You can also access to VIP when you purchase $5.00 monthly VIP pass, this VIP mode gives you an advantage against other players because it gives you 15,000 extra in game dollars, a science lab that allows you to purchase steroids, and the ability to sell your horses. You can also learn which types of tracks your horse likes or dislikes, and you can also customize the appearance of your horse’s saddle. Take note that the VIP access purchased or gained by the use of real world money. You can interact with your friends and other players through world chat option, you can chat with them live during the whole game, share ideas and have fun. And even share Hooves of Fire cheats and hacks.

All in all Hooves of Fire is a nice racing game for all horse racing fanatics. The VIP pass can give you high advantage and use some Hooves of Fire cheats and hacks too to win all your race.

Hooves of Fire is an Adobe Flash game that allows you to buy, train, race and breed horses. In the beginning it is best to buy as many horses as possible and get them racing, this will also mean you will need to expand your stables. Once you have bought a couple of horses, train them in the stables and enter them in races.

Keep entering them in more races when they return to your stables after racing. Make sure you keep your betting small until you have some to extra cash play with.

In this game, you can race, Train, Breed and Bet on horses! Before you get started you should buy yourself at least one horse. This will give you a steady flow of cash from racing, in case you lose it all betting! On the next screen, we will visit the Horse Market. Use theMore horses buttons to look around for a horse withing your budget to buy. You start the game with $ 6,000 Game Cash

Buying horses

• Buy the best horses you can afford.

• Only buy your horses from breeders early in the game. Then try to breed your own horses to improve your stable by breeding your best stallions and mares.

• Buy stallions and try to breed them. Breeding your own horse using a stallion and mare that you own doesn’t cost anything. The most expensive horse you can buy from a breeder is $130K, but you can potentially breed horses worth many millions.

• If you buy a good horse from a breeder, buy from him again.


• Try to expand to 15 stables as soon as you can.

• The more horses you own the more races you can enter, therefore there is a greater chance at winning prize money.

• Buy mares and breed them to fill your stable.

• Train, feed and brush your horses a few times a day – this will improve your horses performance and keep them happy.


• Enter horses in as many races as possible as the more you race the more potential there is to win prize money.

• Race your horses in the lowest grade possible. Race maidens in the No Wins races. Race Group 2 horses in Open Races.

• Enter races using the “Races” button at the top of the screen. This offers a greater choice of races than can be viewed by entering races via the stable or profile view. This will allow you to use the “horse picker” to select the most suitable horse for each race.


• Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Set limits and if you lose a lot – stop betting!

• If you are a VIP and you want to bet on one of your horses, give them a booster to improve their chances of winning.

Breeding horses

• Breed your mare with the best stallion that you can afford to improve your stable.

• When you breed with your own horses you get a ‘free’ horse, but to improve the class of your stable you must breed your best mares with better stallions than you own.

• Breed to a higher class stallion and only breed with your younger, better class mares to avoid going backwards.

• Every time you breed you are one step closer to attaining the breeding achievements. These make your foals live longer. For a beginner a horse’s life span is up to 21 days. When you reach the Pro breeder Achievement the lifespan of your foals is up to 24 days. So it is worth breeding as much as you can.

Stud farm

• Send all your stallions to stud every night or any time there isn’t a race available for them.

• Give a stallion a good name and he is more likely to be chosen to breed with by other players.

Facebook friends

Get as many friends as you can and invite your friends to play. Your horses will be kept happy and healthy with many people brushing and feeding them. You can also brush and feed your friend’s horses for additional cash bonuses.

There are a lot of people in the “Add Me – I need friends on Hooves of Fire” Facebook Group – Click this link to join, so others will add you also.

Selling horses

Only VIP’s can sell horses. You cannot sell a horse after it is 10 days old. Once your horse turns ten you need to decide to sell or keep it. If a horse reaches 10 days old and it is…

– not a Group 2 horse

– a stallion that is not being used

– one of your older mares

– a mare that has poor form on the track and has bred a poor foal

…then the best course of action would be to sell it and breed another horse.

If you have a big stable try to sell a horse on average once a day and breed new one. This way the quality of horses in your stable will improve more quickly.

Buy improvements

• Work out which ground and distance is best for your horse and the buy the appropriate horseshoes.

• Treats (e.g. apples/carrots) from the shop will improve your horses performance.

• If you can afford it, training shoes, apples and the Flame or Ice Saddle is the best combination.

• Buy a Star or Sonic brush from the shop. Even though they are expensive, they will pay for themselves quickly as they are worth up to $ 600 / $2000 per horse. If you have 34 friends with full stables you can earn up to $ 1,000,000 a day using the Sonic brush! It also makes your horses much happier.

• Only use steroids on a horse you can afford to lose, as there is a risk the horse could die. Alternatively, if it lives, the horse’s stats may improve dramatically.

• Use boosts in Group 2 and 1 where the prize money can justify the expense. It does increase your chances of winning but doesn’t guarantee a win. Of course if you have lots of cash you can use it in Group 3 to increase your number of wins and get into Group 2 quicker.
Knowledge is Everything

Learn as much as you can about the game. Read the all the help pages in the Hooves of Fire Wiki. Take a look at the discussion board once a day and use in game chat to ask other players questions.

Becoming a VIP (US $5 a month) provides a lot of additional features such as the ability to sell horses, access to the science lab, boosters and steroids, custom saddles as well as a further insight into your horses ability and what tracks they like.